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My birthday Friday was good but unremarkable. At work, I started doing some actual useful things and joined a small weightlifting class in the gym that was actually pretty good. In the evening there was the monthly Chardon-knitting (which is where you drink wine and try not to screw up your knitting) at my LYS. I brought Prosecco and Tina, the LYSO, provided a delicious marionberry pie. The Prosecco itself has a story; because I had the gym class at 11 in building 2 and another meeting at 1 in building 3 and there’s a cafeteria in building 3, I brought my laptop and wallet with me to the gym so I could get lunch in between and didn’t have to go all the way back to my desk in building 4 (they’re all connected, but the distances are much farther than those sequential numbers make them sound). Unfortunately I forgot to take my wallet out of my gym bag and put it back in my purse afterward, a fact I realized just when I went to pay for the Prosecco. And the woman in front of me in line insisted on paying for it – she didn’t even ask first how much it was. Luckily I had a $14 bottle, not a $40 one! Of course she had no way of knowing it was my birthday and a milestone one at that, but I promptly told her so she’d feel even better about her kind gesture. And I guess I have a favor to pay forward now.

I didn’t have any presents to open – maybe that’s just a fact of adulthood, because it wasn’t that people didn’t care. A couple of people made donations in my name to organizations I care about (which has the major advantage of not having to find house room for more stuff!); my mom is trying to get something online but seems to be having technical difficulties; and Ted’s gift will be a wine-tasting trip to McMinnville next weekend.

Yesterday I did get a good gift – I got Ted back home! (He was only gone a week, but he had business travel on three out of the previous four weeks.) And yesterday afternoon I did something I hadn’t done in a while and got out my beading supplies. So here are a selection of recent objects, finished and otherwise. All photos taken with my iPhone, a few with a macro lens from Photojojo added.

Earrings – only the spotted ones are new; the rest are pairs I’d made a while ago, where I’d lost one and have just made a replacement. (A major advantage to making your own jewelry!)

I made this treasure necklace a long time ago, but it had broken – I restrung it and added a few new items:

Then there’s the knitting. First, socks: there are the self-patterning socks, of which I knit most of the first one while helping out at the LYS during the recent yarn crawl and am still early on the second one; plus the purple two-at-a-time pair I started months ago, that keep getting pushed aside for other projects:

There’s also the Rogue sweater, which has the body and most of one sleeve done; a linen-stitch Moebius cowl made from various leftover sock yarn; and a hat I finished back in January. Not shown are two pink pussy hats I made for friends and a baby hat for a pregnant former coworker.

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I did something today that I haven’t done for a long time: I made things with beads. A while ago I lost one of my favorite silver-and-red earrings, and since I wear red a lot I needed a replacement. (I do have good ruby-and-gold earrings which were once a birthday present from Ted but I wanted something more casual.) I didn’t have anything as fancy as the original findings, but I dug into my small stash of bead caps – no point worrying about using them up when I hardly ever use them at all. (It only ever mattered because can’t buy sterling silver findings here. They aren’t hard to get in the US, though I took a look at Fire Mountain Gems and noticed prices have gone way up.) The red ones are for me, the Christmassy ones are likely to end up as part of someone or other’s gift some time (maybe the knitting group’s exchange) and the aqua ones go into the bowl. The bowl contains about 60 items I’ve made, mostly earrings with a few pendants and a couple of necklaces and bracelets, that I need to sell somehow some day. (This is probably why I’m not all that motivated to do much jewelry-making these days. It’s not like I can wear all those things!)

The round red beads are more burgundy and less like tomatoes in real life. The aqua stones (I don’t know what they are) threw a hissy fit and refused to be photographed on a black background.

Also, here’s the current State of the Sweater – one sleeve is done, the other begun:

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It’s cleaning-people Sunday, so I got a whole bunch of beads organized, and came up with a few new things in the process. (Actually first before they got to the kitchen I made chili. Then after they were done with the erg room I practiced racing starts. Then I showered before they got to the master bath, then retreated into the craft room.)


Then after all that I went downtown to the DIY district (for do-it-yourself, aka crafts) where among other things I picked up some buttons that I hope work for this:


Closeup of the gull lace:

I also got some 3mm balls I hope are silver (the price makes me think so and it does have the character for silver on it – the Chinese_English dictionary on my iPod is very helpful! – but that could be “silver-colored”). And I bought some merino yarn of a brand I’ve never heard of, but it does say “100% merino” in English and Italian. At about $24US for 10 balls I figured it’s worth trying, but I *definitely* will be swatching this one! And washing the swatch.

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Aug. 8th, 2009 10:08 pm
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I took some time off from knitting socks yesterday to make earrings:


(Sorry the bottom pair is cut off a bit but it’s only got half a crystal missing.)

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The earrings and the shawl mentioned in the previous post:

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Yay! I’m finally done my Icarus Aflame shawl [Ravelry link]. I finished binding off in the car here this morning. Of course at the moment it looks like a mass of lumpy fluff; I can’t wait to block it, though that could be tricky because I probably don’t have enough pins and don’t know where to buy more around here. I may be able to use string to help with that, if I have any string. I need to remember to take before and after pictures - lace blocking is such a magical process.

Speaking of craftwork, I just had something strange happen. After our trip to Malaysia, I couldn’t find one pair of earrings I’d taken - second ones down on this page, the pink ones. I found them yesterday deep in the pocket of some shorts I hadn’t worn for a while. Only they weren’t pink; the bigger bead was grayish, though with some pink echoes. I thought originally that maybe going through the washer had somehow changed the beads’color, but then I walked around with them and realized that they were only gray in the bedroom light (fluorescent and halogen). In the bathroom they were much pinker and this morning in daylight they were the original shade. So either this material has acquired some very interesting properties while under very hot water, or I never looked at them in artificial light before, or at least only in incandescent light. I thought they were glass but maybe not. I’m going to take pictures of them being gray and post on the the Beads of the Month community to see if anyone knows what these are or what could have happened to them.

Oh, and the short version of this weekend is that when we got there we learned it was the Taiwan National Team Selection regatta. It is true to say that Ted came in first in his final and I was third in mine. Of course, that is accurate but not the complete story, which is here.

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Posting here because I want to get this stuff up on the web, and my main site's server seems to be down. For the first time in a long while, I spent the morning playing with beads, and here are the results.

Note: two minutes later, the server was back up. But I'll leave this here anyway.

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