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Travel, rowing, knitting, clothes, books ... check.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written anything. Oregon was good; I'd forgotten how beautiful the drive along I-5 north of Ted's hometown is. It reminds me of the scenery in Tasmania. we got to spend time with the in-laws and even with both of Ted's grandparents. We also got to row on Dexter Lake, courtesy of the OAR rowing club, and decided we definitely want a house there. However, it might not be the house we were originally thinking of. It's complicated and nothing is certain but we've put an offer on a different (nicer!) house and hope to hear back in a day or two.

It's incredibly relaxing to be back home, where 'home' is defined as any part of the US. I know how things work there, and can assume most people I talk to speak English at a level that doesn't require me to slow down or avoid idioms. Also, I can get my favorite pretzels :-) Because we were in the Pacific Northwest, we were able to drink lots of great beer, and because Oregon is emerging as a great wine region (and Ted's parents are into wine) we got to drink lots of good wine too.

I'm not too thrilled with the combination of being back at work and being without Ted, but at least he'll be here in two weeks. And I've signed up to go to Knit Nation in London at the end of July so there's that to look forward to.

Also, because we've been out of the US for going on four years now and sometimes you just need an American statement, we've both acquired cowboy boots. We bought the boots at a farm-supply kind of store (that also sells clothes, tools, hats, garden equipment, tack, 'poultry care products....) The advantage to getting cowboy boots at a place where actual cowboys and farmers shop is that they have soles meant for walking, riding and working in, not just for looking pretty.Mine are so fab that I'm going to have to post a picture at some point, and comfortable enough that I didn't regret wearing them on the trip back home (two airplanes, three airports, one train, a fair bit of walking including dragging a very large suitcase up stairs on the train and down them at the station, about 20 hours, and half a planet). Ted will wear his as work shoes, as men do in Texas; I'll wear mine with short skirts or long ones, or over skinny jeans. I wore them on the plane with an aqua jersey top and leggings under an aqua dress with a brown print - I think they looked great and my MIL was impressed with the outfit.

And in the book news: After getting back I finally started reading Julia Child's My Life in France and have come to the conclusion that Julia was the Best Expat Ever, just for the sheer delight she took in (almost) every aspect of living in France. I suspect it's easier when you don't have a job (or as in her later years there, when you're driven only by your own love for the lifework you've found) but her enthusiasm is still wonderful. I may need to reread yearly as a reminder, as long as I stay overseas. I may need to find an older copy to replace my movie tie-in version, though, because good as Meryl Streep was in the role, I want Julia on the cover.

One book I enjoyed a lot while we were on holiday was Adrienne Martini's Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously. The fun of it was in recognizing all the people she hung out with in the course of the book: those I know from knitting blogs and books, like the Yarn Harlot or the Mason-Dixon knitters; Clara Parkes, with whom I'll be taking a course next month at Knit Nation, and even Ellen Kushner. (I don't even think she knits, but it was cool to see her cameo appearance.)

I also read my way through a Kindle collection of all of the Raffles books. I've concluded that even more than with Jeeves and Wooster, writing Bunny / Raffles slash would be nearly superfluous because it's all right there in canon. All you could do would be to make it more explicit. I've also concluded that I like the relationship between Dr. Thorndyke and Jervis a lot better - hero worship unrelieved by humor gets old! (Also the anti-Semitism thing - the Thorndyke books have some of it too, but they also have some very sympathetic pictures of Jews, whereas the obnoxious portrait of Danial Levy in the last Raffles book is pretty much unrelieved.)
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What I meant to buy today: short pajama bottoms and a soap dish, maybe some groceries.
What I actually bought: um, pretty much a spring / summer wardrobe.
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