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Ted is here, yay! Unfortunately this is a shorter trip; he's only in for 13 days. *Most* unfortunately he leaves two days before our anniversary. It's sort of hard to get mad at him as I only realized it a few days before he arrived; on the other hand that's mostly because he kept saying things like, "My trip's been extended a little so now I'll be leaving on the Friday" and never actually said anything like "I'll be there from June 19 - July 2," which I would have noticed immediately.

We've accepted the last counteroffer on the house, so we figure that probably counts as our anniversary gift to each other; it's sort of hard to think about buying presents while in the throes of sticker shock form buying a house. Now there's just paperwork hell to make it official, with a side of jumping through hoops. At least with us both in the same time zone, signing papers is easier.

Work continues to be work, but rowing is going well - one coach I work with told me to try a different boat, and wow! Having spent the last 3 years not rowing much and most of that little in either my boat (a trainer / open water rower) or a crappy Taiwanese loaner boat, I hadn't realized that the one I'd been taking, the Sietse, was really a race trainer, slow and heavy. I got into the Zoeferloop, which is an actual racing boat, felt it glide under me, and started giggling at the shock of the difference, which really confused the coach :-) I'm only rowing 2-3 times a week, but I'm biking to work about 2 days, and fill in on the erg to make it at least 5 days workout.


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