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Over the weekend, I: drank lots of beer and listened to a good cover band on Thursday night; walked around the streets to see the sales and the celebrations Friday (and wore earplugs as the bands' volume continued to rise; on Saturday morning took Ted to see the Woensel Market and the local butcher and then later went out rowing in a single for another good coaching session; went to the Keukenhof Sunday and got rained on but took lots of flower photos.

Reasonably busy, but no drama.

As I found out beginning yesterday evening, over the weekend other people: died (childhood friend, my best friend in about the second half of grade school and for some of junior high); got engaged (someone I baby-sat from when he was a year old until I went off to college); gave birth (cousin of another childhood friend - we used to play when she visited).

I don't want to get rid of all drama, because the dramatic circle of life stuff includes love and babies as well as illness and mortality. But if the universe happens to be listening, I could deal with no more untimely deaths for a while. Please?

Also, some more personal good news: my stuff arrives on Friday. So I will have my boat! And my bike! And books, looooootttts of them! And the rest of my clothing! And all the conveniences, like a knife that really cuts (and a sharpener in case it doesn't), a popcorn popper, a small organizer drawer unit for the bathroom, and and and (this part goes on for about 42 more boxes...)


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