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Books read: lots – I’ve never had much desire to keep track, though I’m occasionally curious to know how many I’ve read in a year. I’d guess somewhere between 100-250, but can’t say more exactly.

Knitting projects: 15 completed – 5(!) sweaters, two shawls, two hats (both gifts), 3 pair socks, a few other things. One sweater and one pair of socks in work, plus a cowl with a few rows in the yarn of each project.

Rowing: 1,328,398 meters for the year. (Not bad.) Of those, only 87,518 meters were on actual water (Not good.) and the rest on the rowing machine. 231586m were during the Holiday Challenge.

Add in work, the French Polynesia trip for our 25th anniversary, work, the trip for my GFIL’s 100th birthday, work, and a fair bit of cooking, plus a few other weekend trips (Yakima for my birthday, the knitting retreat at our lake house, Cannon Beach in September), a work trip to AZ where I got to meet up with old friends, another to TX to speak at a conference, and more work, and you pretty much have my year there.

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Date: 2019-01-02 09:44 pm (UTC)
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1. I am still loving the hat, and my sister-in-law liked it so much she insisted on finding the pattern on Ravelry. :^)

2. The visit on your trip to AZ was such a wonderful reunion!

3. I think you're still well ahead of me on meters for 2018, although I don't know if I'm willing to go and look at my total. The first half of the year was a struggle. Next year should be better - the rowing program at NY will hopefully keep me on track.


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